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From Runway to Everyday: Translating High Fashion Makeup to Real Life

Everyone dreams of walking out the door looking red-carpet ready, but how can you pull off a high fashion runway look in the real world? Don’t despair! Believe it or not, translating runway makeup to everyday looks is simpler than you think – all you have to do is make a few small adjustments to your beauty regime. From confidently rocking a bold lip statement to mastering the most flattering eye looks, read on for tips for bringing those luxe runway looks into your day-to-day style.

1. From Runway to Reality: The High Fashion Makeup Look

The high fashion makeup look is created to represent the audaciousness often seen on fashion week runways but often viewed as too bold for everyday life. Luckily, the same beauty aesthetic can be achieved with a few simple steps and adjustments.

For those who crave the edge, here’s how to incorporate high fashion into your daily ritual:

  • Invest in a good quality foundation (this is key!)
  • Go bold with your eye makeup – experiment with shimmery eyeshadows, striking liners, and voluminous lashes
  • Enhance your cheeks with subtle contouring and a flush of blush
  • Choose matte lip colours – plum, mauve and berry shades work best

Sharp edges – whether its sharp winged eyeliner or precisely chiselled chin, experimentation with structure is very much encouraged. You can easily create these geometric shapes with a good quality contouring palette and angled brush.

By adding some of these high fashion techniques into your makeup routine you can take your look from everyday to ethereal. Dare to dream and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!

2. Creating a Smoky Eye for Everyday Wear

Creating a subtle smoky eye for everyday wear is a classic look with a modern twist. This look requires a few touches to bring it all together. With just a few basics and a bit of practice, you can look just as glamorous as the hottest Hollywood stars!

Ready to Get Started? Here’s What You Need:

  • Medium to dark eyeshadow
  • Light eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara

Now that you have all the necessary tools, start by applying an eye primer to your lids. This helps create a smooth canvass for the smoky eye look. Next, add a medium to dark shade of eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelid, blending it outward with short strokes of your eyeshadow brush. Once your lids are shaded and blended, use a light shade to highlight the area between your crease and brow.

After that’s complete, it’s time to line your lids. Lightly trace your upper lash line with your liner, working from the inside out. For a bolder look, thicken up the line and subtly wing it out on the outer corner. Finish off the look with a few coats of mascara to both upper and lower lashes. Remember, less is more with everyday makeup and with a few expert tricks, you can perfect the smoky eye without it looking too overdone!

3. Creating the Perfect Bold Red Lip

Start with a matte base

requires a great foundation. Invest in a matte lipstick in the shade you’re looking for and apply it with a brush for a precise finish. If you want a matte look, apply translucent powder after applying the lipstick.

Lines and shapes

Outline and shape your pout with a matching lip liner. Start with the cupid’s bow and work your way outwards. Follow the natural line of your lips for an even look. For a more polished look, use a concealer to fix any unwanted mistakes.

Highlighting and bling

Add some drama to your red lip with a few highlighting and glitzy tricks. For an old-fashioned and opulent look, use gold, brown and white pigment to the center of the bottom lip. To jazz things up, top off with a shimmery gloss or a pat of shimmering gold powder.

Practice, practice, practice

Creating a perfect bold red lip may take a few tries. Be sure to practice on the back of your hand before attempting the real thing. Take your time for a lipstick masterpiece that will remain in place for hours.

4. Taking Catwalk Style to the Streets

Whenever fashion week rolls around, we get to know the newest trends in the times to come. But how can you take the catwalk’s style and make it your own? We break it down for you.

Keep your palette neutral. Choose colours like black, white, navy blue and grey to underpin your look. Doing so will provide you with a timeless foundation that you can build on with trending pieces and accessories.

Don’t forget the statement pieces. Having a basic palette to rely on allows you to play with statement pieces such as prints, textures, and eye-catching accessories. In this way, you can add a punch to an otherwise muted look.

Finishing touches. Accessories are essential to transform a basic look into something more captivating. It could be something as small as a pair of cool shades to a signature hat. You should also consider mixing your accessory approach – pair trainers with a delicate necklace or a navy-blue belt with a bucket hat.

The trick to ? Have the courage to experiment and don’t be afraid to take risks with your fashion.

So, there you have it! Now that you’re armed with the insider tips to turn runway makeup to real life makeup, go ahead and take on those bold eyeshadow and glossy lip looks you’ve been dreaming about – you’ve definitely got this!

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